livesoundrecorded soundwriting


ISEA2016 Hong Kong

Sounding the Future presented as part of the Juried Exhibition
May 18 - 22
Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre
Hong Kong

Northwind Residency, Listhus

Two month residency & performances in Ólafsfjörður, Northern Iceland
Sept-Oct 2016

Creative developments

Kantanka - March/July
Bundanon Trust, Nowra
Rex Cramphorn Studio, USYD
Champions - June/Dec/Jan
Martin del Amo/Form Dance




Recent Events

Goethe Institut Artist Talk

Gudrun Gut, Jasmine Guffond, Gail Priest
Part of the public program for the GENIALE DILLETANTEN exhibition.
14 March, 2016
AMBUSH GALLERY 3, Central Park, 28 Broadway 2008 Chippendale

.moveON, Werkleitz

Exhibition of the 1st iteration of the Sounding the Future project.
9-25 October, 2015
Halle, Germany

Impakt Festival, Utrecht

Artist panel presenting  - The Secret Life of Technology
1 November, 2015

BEK, Bergen

Artist residency & presentation at the Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts
15 Oct-21 2015

Major Project 2015/2016
Sounding the Future

Sounding the Future brings together the worlds of speculative fiction and audio art. It is an intensive program of research and creative development that will seek to predict what art in future will sound like. This act of prediction is inevitably informed by the present and thus it will also take stock of the sound of art today.

Sounding the Future will result in a body of ficto-critical works that can be delivered via gallery installation, radiophonic presentation and e-publishing.

The first iteration is an interactive installation that has been presented as part of the .move On exhibition, Werkleitz Festival, Halle, Germany, Oct 2015
and ISEA2016 Hong Kong

See the Sounding the Future website for more information.