Transmediale 04: AlternaTerraZones

Screening Program & presentation
Curated by Gail Priest and Vicky Clare
(drawn from the Electrofringe selection)
Haus der Kulturen der Welt
February 4, 2004


3.2seconds, Tania Doropoulos

Developmental avarice, the toll of modern consumption and warmongering  is juxtaposed with the pursuit of ideal communities, optimistic visual meditations and escape routes from reality. Looking at place and travelling through space, these works propose alternative strategies for seeing and being

Electrofringe is a media arts festival dedicated to unearthing emergent forms, highlighting nascent trends and encouraging young and developing artists to explore technology and its creative possibilities. It is an annual festival that takes place in Newcastle, 2.5 hours North of Sydney. These works have been chosen from the ElectroProjections Screening Program which was curated by  the directors Gail Priest and Vicky Clare from an open call for entries. "
(Program Notes)

Squat the Lot, 2002 (20min)
Justin Hewitson

The Amateur Developer’s Handbook, 2002 (7min)
Antonia Fredman

And so in the end I arrived, I’d sent the package but you were nowhere to be seen, 2003 (7.30min)
Scott Morrison

3.2 seconds, 2003 (5.20min) Tania Doropolous

Pills, 2003 (8 min)
Anto Skene

Today’s Children Tomorrow’s Minions, 2003 (1min)
Daniel Green

The Way, 2003 (7min)
Qing Wang

Mapping the living ghost phase 002, 2003 (2.30min)
Tanya V

Spaceship Earth, 2002 (7min)
Tim Parish

The Bedroom, (1min)
Sumugan Sivanesan


Mapping the Living Ghost, Tanya V

Gail Priest's attendance at Transmediale was assisted by ANAT's Workshop and Conferences Travel Fund.

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