Circadian Rhythms

Featuring: Tarab, Jim Denley & Gail Priest
Curated by Gail Priest
Artspace, Friday 14 September 2007


Circadian Rhythms is a sound-cycle exploring the phases, phrases and songs of a city and its inhabitants. Sampling Sydney across a 24 hour period the artists will use augmented field recordings to create live compositions reflecting a six hour section of a day (night, morning, afternoon) and work together to create the final piece, evening. Approached as a clamorous organism, the artists will tap into the city's biorhythms revealing both its dynamic, complex patterns and quiet, simple secrets.


TARAB examines the interplay of field recordings and sounds generated from found objects. He explores the possibilities of personal chartings and reactions to the urban environment reveling in the decay and detritus to be found there. He attempts to sonically trigger, form, and recreate the interior environments occurring through our interaction with the commonplace, often overlooked.


JIM DENLEYplaces an emphasis on spontaneity, site-specific work and collaboration. He sees no clear distinctions between his roles as instrumentalist, improviser and composer. In recent years he has been working with computer processed input from throat and contact mikes manipulating this material live via a foot pedal, avoiding the one-to-one relationship that much live processing of instruments has.


GAIL PRIEST is interested in releasing the hidden melodies and broken beats found in raw sonic material. By stretching, looping and manipulating samples augmented by instrumental and vocal improvisations she creates soundscapes, which aim to capture the atmospheric essences of places, dreams and memories.

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