Electrofringe 03


Newcastle, NSW, part of the This Is Not Art Festival
Sept 30 – Oct 4 2003

The following is a summary of activities.
You cans also download the full program. (PDF 580K)

// collision // collusion // extrusion //
revelling in the malleability of media, restyling the expired
and fashioning future tools and toys.

Co-directed by Gail Priest & Vicky Clare

Electrofringe 2003 offered over 50 workshops, panels, presentations and masterclasses involving over 100 artists from around Australia sharing ideas on how, why and with what they make new media art.

Areas of focus were:
Game Art - pushing game interfaces and game culture into new areas of aesthetics, content and interactivity
Sound - focussing on surround sound audio spatialisation and patching, from scratch to advanced
AudioVisual - integrations of sound and visuals utilising multiple methods ranging from lo-fi to hyper-hi-tech
Culture Talk - interrogating screen and new media culture for growth and sustainability
Text in New Media - integration and tensions between text and tech
Installation - manifesting virtual worlds

Australian-based artists included: Alex Davies, Luke Collison (Dsico), Linda Carroli, Camilla Hannan, Van Sowerwine, Hannah Clemmen, Garry Bradbury, Wake Up and Listen, Kat Mew, Rebecca Cannon, Richard Brown, Donna Hewwitt, Chris McCormick, Daniel Heckenberg, Casey Rice, Wade Marynowsky Spoole, Lisa Gye, Lawrence English, Julian Knowles, Nick Deacon, Anne Walton, David Noyze, HyperSense, Robin Fox, Rawbone, Kim Bounds & Dale Newson, Steve Law & Tim Webster, Emile Zile, Luke Illet, Richard Allen, Mistral Tide, Future Eater, Kipper and more…

International guests included:
• Jonah Brucker-Cohen (USA) - installation and subversive interface artist whose work focuses on physicalising the hidden machinations of digital technology. Jonah presented a masterclass, a workshop and showed his latest installation PoliceState - 20 remote controlled toy police cars that respond to information sent from FBI surveillance software.
• Marije Baalman (Ned/Ger) - sound artist presented a masterclass in Wave Field Synthesis - a 3D audio spatialisation method and showcasing surround sound works by Berlin artists. (in partnership with the Goethe Institut Inter Nationes)
• DJ Olive (USA) & Janek Schaefer (UK) - experimental turntablist (co presented with Sound Summit)
• the-phone-book Ltd (UK) creatied wireless art using our most accessible and ubiquitous tool - the mobile phone proving that you can make art just about anywhere. (in partnership with  the Australian Network for Art and Technology)

Screenings - Nightly sessions of experimental screen and video art including; ElectroProjections - 3 programs of works by young and emerging Australian artists - Big City Paranoia, Glitch Glam & Violence, Objectified; 4 noise programs; excerpts from the Reelife Film Festival; Microcinema - USA festival of innovative screen works and Resolution TV – activist TV screenings.

corpo[real] & [ill]uminations - 2 programs of screen works from 2 September to 9 October 2003 at Newcastle Regional Art Gallery.

FraGGed - a game art exhibition featuring Anita Johnston, Cory Arcangel, Josephine Starrs + Leon Cmielewski, Richard Allen + Kris Jasper, Kipper showing hacks of Nintendo Entertainment Systems, subversive/activist games, modified game engines and screenings of visual exerpts by Australian and International artists.
Curated by Thea Bauman. John Paynter Gallery, 90 Hunter Street, Newcastle. 2 - 6 Oct 10am to 6pm, 10 –12 & 17-19 Oct

QuantaCrib - presented by the NotArtCadets Collective and operated as a hybrid performance space designed to enable new media artists' to interact with traditional media artists' in one dynamic space.
Portasonde - site specific sound workshop, where local emerging artists will mine the Shepherd Hill coastline for sounds. (in partnership with dLux media arts)

Electrofringe 2003 Co-Directors Gail Priest & Vicky Clare

Game Art Coordinator, State Representative & FraGGed Curator:
Thea Baumann (Queensland)
State Representative and SPA[v]CE Coordinator: Alan Bamford (Victoria)
State Representative: Cat Hope (Western Australia)
SPA[v]CE Coordinators: Shannon O'Neil (New South Wales), Alistair Riddell (Australian Capital Territory)
Audiovisual Coordinator: Wade Marynowsky (New South Wales)
Patching Software Coordinator: Luke Collison (New South Wales)

Tech Staff: Ben Byrne & James Tulczyn, Matt Barker
Image & Web design: Mass Media

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