Electrofringe 04


replicate, automate, infiltrate

Newcastle, NSW, part of the This Is Not Art Festival
Sept 30 – Oct 4 2004

The following is a summary of activities.
You can also download the full program. (PDF 1.6 Meg)

Co-directed by Gail Priest, Wade Marynowsky, Emma Stewart

Electrofringe 2004 offered over 95 workshops, panel discussions, masterclasses, showcases, exhibitions, screenings and performances investigating the latest approaches to sound art, audiovisual fusions, screen-based explorations, new media performance and interactive installations.

Electrofringe 2004 presented over 80 artists.

Australian artists included:
Adrian Bertram, Amanda Cuyler, Anna Helme, Ben. Harper, Brendan Slaven, Chris McCormick, Corin Edwards, Dan( ) MacKinlay, David Wolf, Dusan Bojic, Fiona Malone, George Khut, Jasper Streit, Jenny Fraser, Jesse Sullivan, Joel Stern, Lonnie Hutchinson, Louise Terry, Malcolm Smith, Mel Donat, Miles van Dorssen, Nick Wishart, Paul Mosig, Peter Blamey, Rebecca Cannon, Rene Wooller, Richard Allen, Richard Byers, Robin Fox, Roly Skender, Ross Manning, Sarah-Mace Dennis & Svenja Kratz, Shannon O’Neill, Soda_Jerk aka Dom and Dan Angeloro, Tara Pattenden, Tarquin Manek, Thea Baumann, Tim Webster and William Noble.

With spa[v]ce showcases by Dave Noyze & Luke Harrald, Project 1 - Michael Yuen, Mimic Mass & Rosie Dennis, Nicholas Mariette, Patrick King, Sam Smith & Sumugan Sivanesan, Scot.d Cotterell. Plus Uni_lateral -  day-long ermerging artist showcase drawing on talent from some of Australia’s leading media arts courses. 

International artists included:
Eric Singer - League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots [USA]
HC Gilje  - 242.pilots  [NORWAY]
Laura Kavanaugh & Ian Birse  - Instant Places [CANADA]
Robert Praxmarer  - (t)error [AUSTRIA]
nMn  - Dorkbot-Ghent  [BELGIUM]
Aki Onda  - Cassette Memories [JAPAN] presented by room40

WORKSHOPS: Hands on highlights included a workshop with Eric Singer on how  to make your own Sensor Based & Robotic Art; the three day process-based Instant Places Project with Laura Kavanaugh, Ian Birse, Anthony Magen & Joel Stern exploring the audiovisual secrets of Newcastle; plus Location Based Gaming facilitated Debra Polson presented in collaboration with dLux media arts’ FutureScreen 04 Mobile project.

PATCHLAB– A dedicated space for visual programming explorations presented in collaboration with Electronic Arts, School of Contemporary Arts, University of Western Sydney.

EXHIBITIONS: There were 3 major exhibitions: Unfiction curated by Rebecca Cannon & Ashley Whamond in collaboration with  Rocketart, Matt Gardiner's breathtaking Oribotics at Newcastle Region Art Gallery, a concurrent exhibition at Canberra Contemporary Artspace and installations, a net.art  gallery and screen lounge in ProjectSpace.

SCREENINGS: The screening program was a huge hit with another ElectroProjections series: Private Parts, Back to Me, and Devil in the Detail showing experimental screen works from a global call for submissions, as well as the international showcase from Transmediale04 and German Video Art 2000-2002 courtesy of the Goethe-Institut, Machinista's Full Screen Robovision, Reelife, Neopoetry, Resolutionary TV  and the Australian premier of US filmmaker Mark Boswell's The Subversion Agency.

QUANTACRIB: A workshop/performance space for improvised, collaborative mayhem.

Electrofringe 2004  Directors  - Gail Priest, Wade Marynowsky, Emma Stewart.

PatchLab: Jasper Streit – University of Western Sydney (New South Wales)
Unilateral: William Noble – University of Western Sydney (New South Wales)
QuantaCrib: Dan McKinlay (Australian Capital Territory)
Rocketart Curators: Rebecca Cannon (Victoria) & Ashley Whammond (New South Wales)
Screening Curators: Gail Priest & Sumugan Sivanesan (New South Wales)
Indigenous Content Advisor: Jenny Fraser (Queensland)
State Representative: Robin Fox (Victoria)
State Representative: Michael Yuen (South Australia)
State Representative: Thea Baumann (Queensland)
State Representative: Malcolm Smith (Northern Territory)
State Representative: Roly Skender (Western Australia)

Tech Staff: Ben Byrne & James Tulczyn
Image & Web design: Justin Fox
Website database: Earle Castledine

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