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The Altitude Project


On a Wing & Orographic Lift, two compositions for live performance commissioned for the Altitude Project, curated by Miriam Williamnson & Mahalya Middlemist.

Kingsford Smith Park Sound Shell, Katoomba
February 17, 2018


INSIDE: Concert series

curated by Matthew Hopkins
Paddington Town Hall
November 12, 2017

RMIT Gallery: Experimenta Make Sense Up Late

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Live sound performance to accompany the Experimenta Makes Sense Uplate program

Gail Priest (sound) / Cat Full of Ghosts (visuals)
RMIT Gallery, Melbourne
November 2, 2017

Image: Theresa Harrison Photography

Cipta Gelar Remix Project

with Dan MacKinlay, Anomie, Kieren Ruffles
Fri 29 Sept 2017
107 Projects Redfern


with Hidden, m.rocket & ghostgirl, Scattered Order
Sat 9 Sept 2017

Monash University Music Residency

1 week residency and concert with MEME - Monash Electronic Music Ensemble
Wed 23Aug 2017
Monash University Music Auditorium

Liquid Architecture/MUMA: Sound Spaces

Félicia Atkinson [FR] and Gail Priest

A performance manifestation of some of the material from the Sounding the Future project.
Sat 5 Aug 2017
Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne

M*Synch: Unconscious Collective, Hypnapod

MPavilion, Melbourne, Feb 11 2017

SoundOut 2017

Drill Hall, Canberra, Feb 4-5 2017

Image: Susan Clarke


Vertical Waves + electronicgirls, Venice Mestre

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Vertical Waves Project with Bertrand Rossa (IT)
Federico Dal Pozzo​ (IT)
Gail Priest​ ​(AUS)​

November 13, 2016
Associazione Culturale Internazionale
"Atelier 3+10" Studio Artistico

Nor∂andvindur Sound Residency & Festival

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Across September-October I took part in the Nor∂anvindur Sound Art Residency run by Listhus in Olafsfjor∂ur, Northern Iceland.  There were several performances and presentations that took place across the residency.

A! Festival
Akureyri Art Museum
September 3, 2016

Herring Era Museum, Siglufjor∂ur
October 20, 2016

Songmapping Olafsfjor∂ur Live
Salur Myndlistafélagsins, Akureyri
October 28, 2016

Songmapping Olafsfjor∂ur - installation
Salur Myndlistafélagsins, Akureyri
October 29, 2016 - see installations

Final concert
Verksmiðjan á Hjalteyri
October 30, 2016

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Pretty Gritty #16 - AV duo with Marieke Verbiesen

Pretty Gritty #16 - reanimations
Dan Mackinlay
Kynan Tan
Marieke Verbiesen (live animation) + Gail Priest
Actual Russian Brides

July 17, 2016
107 Projects, Redfern

The NOW now, 2016

Opening night of the annual festival of spontaneous music featuring
BAND OF FIVE NAMES: Phil Slater, trumpet; Carl Dewhurst, guitar; Simon Barker, drums; Matt McMahon, piano
Julia Reidy, Solo 12 string guitar
ROSE/THOMAS/RAPP: Jon Rose, violins; Clayton Thomas, Double Bass; Mary Rapp, Cello
Gail Priest, Voice and Electronics
Lucas Abela is: GRANPA with Alister Spence & Sy Kahn, upright piano

January 18, 2016
107 Projects, Redfern

women's music festival


A 2 day festival of eclectic genres, flipping the gender balance to 80% women, 20% men.

curated by Astrid Zeman & Hiske Weijers.

January 30, 2016
Alpha Gallery

photo Nay San


Berlin, Germany

with Jasmine Guffond
Gail Priest
October 26, 2015

Kammer Klang, Café Oto, London



Vessel is piece for live performance using no pre-recorded material. Quiet, feedback is generated by placing a microphone in a number of glass vessels. Vocal improvisations augment the irregularly looped tones, the piece growing from sparse and ethereal to dense and aggressive. It is an attempt to “play” the emptiness, drawing sounds from the air and sculpting them into something solid.

Listen to the complete concert on Clear Spot Resonance FM

3 November, 2015
Kamer Klang, Cafe Oto, London

.move On, Werkleitz Festival Opening


In addition to presenitng my installation Sounding the Future, I performed the work Vessel for the opening ceremony of the .move ON exhibition, Werkleitz, Halle.

Vessel is piece for live performance using no pre-recorded material. Quiet, feedback is generated by placing a microphone in a number of glass vessels. Vocal improvisations augment the irregularly looped tones, the piece growing from sparse and ethereal to dense and aggressive. It is an attempt to “play” the emptiness, drawing sounds from the air and sculpting them into something solid.

9 October, 2015
Halle-Saale, Germany

Men er’e eksperimentelt ‘a?
with Alexander Rishaug
Kulturehuset, Oslo


Gail Priest (AUS)

curated by Petter Flaten Eilertsen

October 22, 2015

Residency, BEK
Bergen Center for Electronic Arts Bergen, Norway

A one week residency in which I further developed my live performance methodologies for vocal processing and noise. Plus artist presentation inc Audible Women (Oct 16)

October 15-21, 2015

The NOW Now

Stern Priest

Annual festival of all things improvised. I performed an instant improv trio with Joel Stern (electronics) and Lizzie Thomoson (dance) and also played in the Electronic Resonance Korps (ERK), a 9-piece laptop orchestra

Now Now 2015

Jan 14-18
The Red Rattler


Atelier Calder
Saché, France


To conclude my residency period in Central France a private concert at the Atelier Calder was arranged by Sandra Emonet.

Dec 15, 2014

See invite. Documentation & Interview here (in French)

Cave 40
Bourges, France


BLAST OF SILENCE (Julien Ottavi & Kasper T. Toeplitz)
FEMME (Arno Bruil & Fusiller)

Dec 2, 2014
Cave 40, Bourges

You can hear the concert here

Rencontres Bandits-Mages
Bourges, France


Performance & discussion between Gail Priest and Alexandre Castant
plus carte blanche - Listening Visions screening Program

Friday Nov 14 - Journée Sonore
Le Guillotin, Bourges

Photo by Amar Belmabrouk

DECIBEL - After Julia

After Julia

Featuring Hon Julia Gillard. 
The concert featured the world premieres of seven newly commissioned works by outstanding Australian composers reflecting on the Hon. Julia Gillard's time as the first female Prime Minister of Australia. The broad collection of works includes a 6-girl choir, instructions from goldfish, spoken phrases turned into musical gestures, mouth organs and more. 

Gail Priest - Everything and Nothing
Thembi Soddell - our sickness is felt in my body
Cat Hope -Tough It Out
Cathy Milliken - Shifrorl
Michaela Davies - Goldfish Variation
Kate Moore - Oil Drums
Andree Greenwell - Arrows I, II

Eugene Goosens Hall, ABC Centre, Ultimo, Sydney
Live to Air, ABC Classic FM, New Music Up Late
November 8, 8pm.
Presented by ABC Classic FM and Tura New Music


Diffuse @ UTS

with Gail Priest, Peter Hollo, Alon Ilsar, Roger Mills& Nathan Wilson
curated by Jon Drummond

Each peformer played a small solo which overlapped with the next the performer.. Here is an excerpt of my performance sequing with Peter Hollo's cello wonder.


June 2013
Bon Marche Studio, UTS

2013 gigs also included 107 Open Day & Pretty Gritty


blue | green vinyl launch

Blue green

Emily Grantham
Broken Chip
Dan Whiting
Kate Carr
Gail Priest

November 4, 2012
107 Projects

See album

Crests & Troughs @ UTS

manipulated live and prerecorded vocal material, pretty/dirty crests and troughs, beats, sampling, re-mix, found sound

Gail Priest
Shannon O’Neill
Roger Mills
Scott Saunders

Thursday 7 June 6.30pm
@ Bon Marche Studio
University of Technology, Sydney

Women of Note - Book Launch

women of note

Celebrating the launch of the book Women of Note by Rosalind Appleby (Freemantle Press).

with performances by Cat Hope & Decibel, Gail Priest, Betty Beath, Anne Carr-Boyd & Cathie Travers

Feb 25, 5pm
UWA's Dolphin Theatre, Perth

Click here for more info

the NOW now 2012

the Now Now

Improv quartet
GAIL PRIEST (Voice & Electronics),
IAN PIETERSE (Baritone Sax),
TONY OSBORNE (Voice & Electronics)

Saturday Jan 21, 2012
@ The Red Rattler



Tony Osborne, Gail Priest, Whale + Cheng

voice business

Sunday, October 30, 2pm - 6pm
PSH Gallery, Rozelle

The Gate


Part-timer / Scissors & Cellotape / Upward Arrows
Ollie Brown
Gail Priest

A line-up curated by Peter Hollo of FBi Radio's Utility Fog, this night will feature a diverse mix of organic sounds meeting and being intermingled with technological counterparts to form something altogether new and exciting.

July 30
The Gate @ Pablo & Rusty's Specialty Coffee


Sonic Acts


Ronnu Panda - vocals/laptops
MADHEAD - solo vocals/electronics
C4 (Cornelius Cardew Commemorative Choir )
(and with interludes) by Gail Priest

November 27, 2010
Fraser Studios

Presentiments from the Spider Garden CD Launch


with live sets by
Gail Priest
Raven (Peter Hollo/FourPlay)
Jon Watts
Sounds of Homes (Shane Fahey, Tegan Northwood, Honi Ryan)

November 6, 2010
Hardware Gallery

See album

Tomutonntu (Finland)
Horse Macgyver, Gail Priest

October 17, 2010
Serial Space

Sept/Oct - Europe Jaunt!

Cafe Wendel, Berlin, Germany

Gail Priest (Aus)
Arnaud Laprêt solo (France)
September 7, 2010




September 16, 2010
Loos Studios, Den Haag, Netherlands

See the Audition compilation for an exceertp of the performance



with Astro Twin (Ami Yoshida & Utah Kawasaki)
dj sniff
Sun Sept 19
Amsterdam, Netherlands



September 24, 2010
Helsinki, Finland

Sound Series

Kusum Normoyle, Jon Hunter, Mike Majkowski & Jim Denley,
Automating, Gail Priest

August 20, 2010
@ Hardware Gallery

july 4

Jon Rose, Candied Limbs, Gail Priest, Malcolm Riddoch
free non-idiomatic improv and noise meets laptop across the sounds of a roomSunday

July 4, 2010
Serial Space

part of the Biennale of Sydney 2010


An evening of heavy ecstasy with
Machine Death
Mandala Trap
Gail Priest (guest programmer)

July 3, 2010
Artspace - The Gunnery Building

See event documentation

Endgame Records presents
A Cloakroom Assembly's Territory + Population Launch


A Cloakroom Assembly
Shane Fahey
A Slow Rip
Gail Priest

June 19, 2010
Megaphon Studios

photo Sam James

the NOW now series #3

The Artist Formerly Known As "The Artist Formally Known As Doctor Deaf" - Solo Reunion Performance Featuring Gary Butler
Gail Priest - laptop, vocals with Anna Chase - vocals, accordion
A first time collaboration that we suspect might yield velvety swathes, pretty shards and hints of song
Simon O'Rorke (New Zealand) - drums, percussion / Jack Dibben - guitar / Milica Stefanovic - electric bass

May 17, 2010
@ Serial Space


Peats Ridge Festival


December 30, 2009
Peats Ridge Festival 2009
An annual festival focused on environmental sustainability held 2 hours north of Sydney for three days over the New Year.

photo Sam James



Rob Hughes
Gail Priest
Mark Brown & Khaled Sabsabi
Emma Russak and Alec Marshall
and Sounds Of Homes

August 22, 2008


Electronic Church, Berlin


Gail Priest + Sam James (Australia)
Recent audiovisual experiments from Calcutta, Prague & Glasgow
Fabrizio Nocci + Philipp Geist

see an excerpt on YouTube and some documentation of the performance (very dark) on Vimeo.
Thanks to Stephane.

June 19, 2008
Electronic Church


Circadian Rhythms


Featuring: Tarab, Jim Denley & Gail Priest
Guest curator: Gail Priest

September 14, 2007

more info…

Electrofringe/This is Not Art

An evening of performances from Electrofringe artists in the great outdoors. Featuring: Gail Priest, Secret Killer Of Names, Ross F Manning, Hetleveiker, Fugal Queese, Undecisive God, Anna Chase

September 30, 2007

Immersion: Electrical Empathy


ARTISTS/PRODUCERS Samuel James & Gail Priest
COLLABORATORS Cicada (Nick Ritar, Kirsten Bradley), Scott Morrison, Peter Newman, Jason Sweeney & Ai Yamamoto

June 11 - 16, 2007
Performance Space @ CarriageWorks

See event page for documentation


Imaginary conversations in reverberant rooms Debut CD

with sets by
Gail Priest and her co-producers:
Julian Knowles, Peter Blamey, Jasper Streit
video interludes by Sam James

November 1, 2006
Lan Franchi's Memorial Discotheque

See album


Elizabeth Bay House A one-off sound performance at the historic Elizabeth Bay House to accompany the Tend[d]ancy exhibition. I created a multi-channel composition, distributed through several rooms of the house.

The Tend[d]ancy exhibition (July 8-Oct 22) includes works by Shaun Gladwell, Gary Carsley, Hannah Furmage, Jonathan Jones, Claire Healey + Sean Cordeiro + Martin Blum + Simone Fuchs.
Curated by Sally Breen & Tania Doropolous

August 18, 2006
Elizabeth Bay House

Liquid Architecture 7

Performance Space The Sydney leg of the annual Liquid Architecture festival of sound arts.

Concert 1 featuring:
Dean Roberts (NZ)
Greg Davis & Jeph Jerman (USA)
Donna Hewitt & Julian Knowles
Gail Priest

July 6, 2006
Performance Space

Gail Priest also included on the Liquid Architecture 7 CD sampler


Typhoon - performing sound


An extreme and diverse series of performances drawing on experimental musics from the areas of noise, rock, improv and digital. The event will be a beguiling clash of overtly physical performances—highly performative, although not necessarily body oriented works.

Program 1: Haco, Joyce Hinterding, Robin Fox, Fast Mountain Die
Program 2: Jojo Hiroshige, Lovely Midget, Gail Priest, Stasis Duocurated by Caleb K.

October, 21-22, 2005

more info…

photo Mr Snow


Live audio visual perfomance with Samuel James (video) for Elec-Sonic BBQ.

October 3, 2005
TPI House, Newcastle

Continuum Sax - 4 x 4 

Continuum Sax, in collaboration with sound artist Gail Priest, present an exciting concert that includes the world premiere of a new work for saxophone quartet by Jane Stanley, the Australian premiere of Rolf Gehlhaar's Divine Wind, a new work for saxophone and electronics devised by Gail Priest and Continuum Sax, and a performance of Andrew Ford's Four Winds to mark the launching of Continuum Sax' second CD.
Margery Smith, soprano sax; James Nightingale, alto sax; Martin Kay, tenor sax; Jarrod Whitbourn, baritone sax; and special Guest Artist: Gail Priest, Sound Artist

August 20, 2005
Music Workshop, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

The Audiotheque 2005: Finding The Signal In The Noise

ABC's The Night Air present an evening of live audio experimentation with sound and visual artists Ben Byrne, Shannon O’Neill, Pimmon, Joyce Hinterding, Rik Rue, Gail Priest, Ivan Lisyak, Sherre Delys, and Fold. Presented in association with The Media Department at Macquarie University. The Audiotheque 2005: Finding The Signal In The Noise
was broadcast nationally on September 18 2005 at 8.30pm

August 27, 2005
ABC Studio 22, ABC Centre

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