Poems to sing angelic to


Poems to Sing Angelic to is a love lament in 3 parts.

Based on the structural conceit of parallel lines, it is an investigation into the placement of simultaneous spoken/sung texts with the aim to both enhance and challenge meaning through augmentation and association, luring the listener into a heightened level of aural comprehension and awareness.

Pt 1 - Love Love uses repetition and overlays to explore sentimentality and unrelenting yearning.
Pt 2 - Furniture uses the familiar world of song to ease the listener into splitting aural focus. In this way the young males’ monologue about the weary domesticity of love is juxtaposed with a sensuous song about cycles of seduction.
Pt 3 - The Machine jettisons the listener into an industrial gothic landscape of shattered desires. This piece offers the perspective of a young man (his text starting at the beginning), and his older self (the text starting at the end). Slammed against each other, these texts almost meet in middle, but like parallel lines and lives are destined never to connect.

Producer: Gail Priest
Text: Brian Fuata
Composition: Gail Priest
Engineer: Roi Huberman

Pt 1: Love Love 3.08
performer: Brian Fuata

Pt 2: Furniture 5.08
performers: Brian Fuata & Gail Priest

Pt 3: The Machine 7.29
performers: Brian Fuata & Nigel Kellaway

Poems to Sing Angelic is designed to be played as an accumulative song cycle (duration 15’45), or as 3 individual pieces.

This work was created as part of the Music Theatre for Radio Residency for an Emerging Artist funded by the Music Fund and the New Media Fund of the Australia Council, the Commonwealth Government's arts funding and advisory body, and by ABC Radio Performance & Features.
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