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Gail Priest & Jane McKernan's
One thing follows another…One thing follows another....


Anything can follow anything else providing nothing is taken as the basis.


One thing follows another… is a negotiation between the art forms of dance and music. Jane, Angela and Lizzie do not always dance to Gail’s music and Gail does not always make music to dance to. This balancing act of independence and collaboration is played out with more than a nod to the Fluxus movement and 1960s avant-garde.

It is about being in the moment, then in the next moment and then the moment that follows. Perhaps it’s best described as a gathering of people who share 56 minutes of their lives together, the making of music and dance filling time and empty it, in order to feel its passing.

Concept & Research: Gail Priest
Co-creators: Jane McKernan (choreographer), Gail Priest (composer)
Performers/devisors: Angela Goh, Jane McKernan, Gail Priest, Lizzie Thomson
Video Consultant: Samuel James
Lighting Design & Production Management: Clytie Smith

SCORE: Performance Space
August 20-23, 2014

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Photo Lucy Parakhina


Tough Beauty

sound design for the play directed by Claudia Chidiac, written by Finnegan Kruckmeyer
Casula Powerhouse
August 2013


Creative development: One thing follows another…


An in-depth collaborative exploration into the simultaneous composition of music (Gail Priest) and dance (Jane MacKernan). By working in real-time, at the same time, the compositional process will navigate music and dance in dialogue, in argument; in infatuation and ambivalence.

This project has been assisted by the Australia Council through it's Music/Dance initiative and by Performance Studies, The University of Sydney.

Showing: Dec 7, 2012
Balmain Town Hall




version 1.0 & Merrigong Theatre Co: The Table of Knowledge

sound design for theatre production presented at Merrigong Theatre Co in Aug 2011 and April 2012, and Carriageworks

version 1.0 & ATYP: The Tender Age

sound design for theatre production presented at Sydney Opera House, 2011, Carriageworks, August 2012


Rosie Dennis: Downtown

collaborating with Rosie Dennis, performer/writer in residence at the Anti Festival, Kuopio, Finland
Sept 29-Oct 3


Martin del Amo: It's a Jungle Out there - Tour

live sound design
SYDNEY: Performance Space @ CarriageWorks
10-13 Feb
MELBOURNE: Dancehouse
12-13 March
PERTH: Perth Institute of Contemporary Art


version 1.0: This Kind of Ruckus - Tour

live sound design
ADELAIDE: Adelaide Fringe Festival
Norwood Concert Hall

sound design
MELBOURNE: Full Tilt Melbourne season
The Arts Centre, Melbourne
Aug 18-28


version 1.0: This Kind of Ruckus

live sound design
Performance Space @ CarriageWorks
Preview Thur 3 Sep
Fri 4–Sat 12 Sep


Martin del Amo: It's a Jungle Out There

live sound design
Campbelltown Arts Centre
June 25-27, 2009


Karen Therese: Riot Act

sound design (with James Brown)
Campbelltown Arts Centre
June 5-13, 2009


Sam James: Vivaria

sound design for the multiscreen dance film installation by video artist Samuel James


Löhr/Heywood:Recapturing the Vertical

sound design for the performance/photographic exploration by Heidrun Löhr and Nikki Heywood

part of the SEAM Conference
Critical Path
Sept 18-20, 2009


Creative developments: Martin del Amo: It's a Jungle Out There

sound design
Rex Cramphorn Studio, March 2008
Studio 1 UNSW, July 2008


Creative development: Karen Therese: Riot Act

live sound
Campbelltown Art Centre, March 2008


Nalina Wait with Jane McKernan: Dual

sound design assisted by James Brown
Live Works festival, Performance Space
September 5-7, 2008


Deborah Pollard: Blue Print

live sound design
Performance Space @ CarriageWorks
October 26 - November 4


Version 1.0: Deeply offensive and Utterly Untrue

sound design
Performance Space @ CarriageWorks
August 25 - September 8

Creative Development: Nalina Wait & Jane McKernan: Dual

live sound design
Performance Space & Io Myers, UNSW
May -July 2007

Nalina Wait: Critical Path Residency

live sound
Critical Path, Drill Hall
June 18-July 1, 2007


Martin del Amo: Never been this far away from home

live sound design
Performance Space @ CarriageWorks
March 7-17, 2007


Version 1.0: Wages of Spin - Mobile States National Tour

sound design
Tour to Performance Space, Brisbane Powerhouse, Melbourne Artshouse, Salamanca Arts Centre, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
August - September 2006


Martin del Amo: Can't Hardly Breathe

live sound
part of Mixed Double with Rosie Dennis' Access All Areas
Performance Space
July 20-22, 2006


Martin del Amo: Under Attack
Breathing Space UK tour

live sound design
Inbetween Time Festival, Arnolfini, Bristol; The Green Room, Manchester; Tramway, Glasgow


Martin del Amo: Critical Path Residency

Live sound sound
September 2005


Karen Therese: Y.Smith

live multichannel sound
Performance Space
July 18 - August 7, 2005


Version 1.0: The Wages of Spin

live sound design
Performance Space
May 20 - June 5 2005


Martin del Amo: Under Attack

live sound design
Performance Space
Feb 23 - Mach 16


PACT/Karen Therese: Constellations

sound design
PACT - New Mardi Gras Festival
February 23 - March 6


Frumpus: Crazed

sound engineering & composition
Performance Space
August 18 - 29, 2004


Martin del Amo: Unsealed

live sound design
Performance Space & Perth International Arts Centre
April 15 - 25, 2004
& interstate tour November 2004


PACT/Regina Heimann: Song of Ghosts

sound design
April 15 - 25, 2004


PACT/Regina Heilmann: Altered States

live sound design
PACT Youth Theatre and Backbone Youth Arts, Brisbane presented at Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse.
March 2003


White Collar Project

site specific multi-media performance co-created with Caitlin Newtown-Broad
Rooftop of the Coronation Hotel, Sydney
Co-presented by Peformance Space
April, 2000


Dead Girl's Party

multi-media performance co-created with Caitlin Newtown-Broad
Peformance Space
April, 1997

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