Typhoon - performing sound

Artspace, 21-22 October, 2005
curated by Caleb Kelly


An extreme and diverse series of performances drawing on experimental musics from the areas of noise, rock, improv and digital. The event will be a beguiling clash of overtly physical performances—highly performative, although not necessarily body oriented works.

Program 1: Haco, Joyce Hinterding, Robin Fox, Fast Mountain Die
Program 2: Jojo Hiroshige, Lovely Midget, Gail Priest, Stasis Duo


Gail presented Duet for Gertrude and Glass, a 25 mins sound/performance utlising prepared computer material manipulating primitive violin improvisations, samples of Gertrude Stein, and live processing of an amplified glass used both as instrument and a live filter, and a bottle of wine.


Gail Priest, Duet for Gertrude & Glass, Typhoon, photo Mr Snow

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