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Pretty Gritty 2015 @ 107 Projects

Pretty Gritty is a series presenting experimental electronica and various other elusive genres. It takes place roughly bi-monthy at 107 Projects Redfern.

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Pretty Gritty #13
Sunday August 23, 2015

choose your own epiphany


5Luke Jaaniste

Clare Cooper

Kusum Normoyle

VAVENGE (Morton, Dan, Earle & Guerra)

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Pretty Gritty #12
July 5, 2015

cuts & abrasions


Jannah Quill

Ivan Lisyak


Alex Whillas & Steffan Ianigro

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Pretty Gritty #11
May 3, 2015

it shimmers, it glimmers, it glows


Monica Brooks


Andrew Tuttle


+ Sam Jams (video)

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Pretty Gritty #10
March 1, 2015

lucid dreaming


Matthew Syres

An Infinity Room

Pia van Gelder


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Listening Visions
Rencontres Bandits-Mages


Featuring: Robin Fox, Thembi Soddell & Anthea Caddy, Kynan Tan, Machine Death, Andrew Gadow, Lawrence English

Listening Visions is a screening and listening program highlighting the work of innovative Australian sound and media artists. Interspersed between short audiovisual works are pure aural experiences, allowing the audience to contemplate the powerful effect vision has on hearing while also appreciating sound as a non-retinal medium.

All the works occupy the space of the abstract (inorganic) rather than figurative (natural). The video works are chosen for their tight interlinking of sound and image, preferencing concrete data conversions over associative visual interpretations. The sound pieces share connections in their use of often harsh, texture-driven impulses that accumulate to create non-figurative though no less dramatic sonic environments. The intention is to loosen the grip of figurative images on the immersive listening experience.

Total Duration: 70mins
Friday November 14, 2014
Bourges, France

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ArtBar, Museum of Contemporary Art


Cat Hope, photo Alex Davies


Michaela Davies, Reuben Alexander, photo Alex Davies


Julian Day, photo Alex Davies


Peter Blamey, photo Gail Priest


Andrew Gadow & Phil Williams, photo Alex Davies

As part of Performance Space's Sonic Social program at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, I'm curating the June ArtBar.

Sound moves us because it moves through us. Sonic waves penetrate our bodies and make our viscera tremble—the louder the sound the more we vibrate. Rapture/Rupture will offer audio experiences and performances that aim for maximum molecular movement—dancing on the inside.

Featuring Pimmon, Scisssor Lock, Cat Hope, Daniel Whiting, Michaela Davies, Peter Blamey, Andrew Gadow, Julian Day, Luke Janniste, Gail Priest & Kate Carr, Sam James with screenings by Robin Fox, Kynan Tan & Rachel Watts + more

Friday June 27, 7-9pm
Museum of Contemporary Art

Pretty Gritty 2014 @ 107 Projects

Pretty Gritty is a series presenting experimental electronica and various other elusive genres. It takes place roughly bi-monthy at 107 Projects Redfern.

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Pretty Gritty #9
September 21, 2014

the secret life of objects


Rainbow Vomit & Cum Bubbles

James Heighway - Spiders

Dale Gorfinkel

Peter Blamey

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Pretty Gritty #8
August 3, 2014

pop implosion


Jacqui O'Reilly



Scissor Lock

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Pretty Gritty #7
June 22, 2014

assault & bassery


Knife Crimes


Cat Hope

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Pretty Gritty #6
March 30, 2014

lucid dreaming


Steffan Ianigro

Jon Drummond

Alon Islar - Airsticks

Tina Havelock Stevens

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Pretty Gritty 2014 @ 107 Projects

Pretty Gritty is a series presenting experimental electronica and various other elusive genres. It takes place roughly bi-monthy at 107 Projects Redfern.

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Pretty Gritty #5
November 3, 2014

hearing voices


Gail Priest

Tony Osborne

Donna Hewitt


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Pretty Gritty #4
August 25, 2013

alternate ecologies


Kate Carr

Ollie Bown

Samuel James & Melissa Hunt

Andrew Gadow

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Pretty Gritty #3
June 30, 2013

dark industries


The Children's Encyclopaedia

The Tormentor


Andy Rantzen

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Pretty Gritty #2
April 28, 2013

grand granulations


James Brown

Jon Hunter

Alexander Rishaug


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Pretty Gritty #1
February 24, 2013

strings and things


Christian Moraga

Michaela Davies & the Involuntary Orchestra


Julian Knowles

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New Weird Australia: VOX (NWA010)


A compilation released by the New Weird Australia initiative featuring Australian artists working across pop and exploratory music, using voice as the primary instrument.

Co-curated by Gail Priest & Stuart Buchanan

Featuring: Kusum Normoyle, Paul Heslin, Amanda Stewart, The Deadly Nightshades, Kucka, Mimic Mass, Holy Balm, Major Napier, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Donna Hewitt, Skyneedle, Furchick, Scissor Lock, Mosaic Mosaic, Ronnu Panda, Rabbit Island, Juarez

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part of the Biennale of Sydney 2010

During the 2010 Sydney Biennale, Artspace was an Australian outpost of the famous Tokyo music club Superdeluxe. A number of Australian artists were invited to be guest programmers. I curated an evening titled Heavy Ecstasy.

Featuring: Mandala Trap (Jeff Burch from Songs & Paul Gough aka Pimmon), Machine Death (Ben Byrne & Ivan Lisyak), Gail Priest

July 3, 2010
Artspace - The Gunnery Building


Mandala Trap, photo Sam James


Machine Death, photo Sam James

gp superdeluxe


photos Sam James (Priest image video still)


Circadian Rhythms


Circadian Rhythms is a sound-cycle exploring the phases, phrases and songs of a city and its inhabitants

Featuring: Tarab, Jim Denley &, Gail Priest

Guest curator: Gail Priest

September 14, 2007

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Immersion: Electrical Empathy


ARTISTS/PRODUCERS Samuel James & Gail Priest
COLLABORATORS Cicada (Nick Ritar, Kirsten Bradley), Scott Morrison, Peter Newman, Jason Sweeney & Ai Yamamoto

June 11 - 16, 2007
Performance Space @ CarriageWorks

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What Survives: sonic residues in breathing buildings

whatsurvives Download catalogue (PDF 908Kb)

Installation Artists: Alex Davies, Nigel Helyer, Jodi Rose

Sound Station Artists: Garry Bradbury, Joyce Hinterding, Aaron Hull, Somaya Langley, Sumugan Sivanesan, Amanda Stewart

Curated by Gail Priest

An exhibition exploring the real and imagined remnants of human presence in architecture. The structures we build bear silent witness to human behaviour—what have the walls, beams and girders absorbed and what sonic secrets can be coaxed back out of them? Does this ephemeral material influence the energy of the spaces we inhabit? Taking inspiration from Rilke What Survives explores the indestructibility of energy and its subsequent transformations and manifestations.

Performance Space Galleries
Sydney, March 24-April 15, 2006

unNatural Selection


Full Catalogue information

An exhibition of sculpture and installation driven or inspired by technology. The chosen works are experiments in re-creating and re-interpreting natural elements and environments through the most unnatural means. The works are animated, almost alive, responding to touch or presence, some sustaining themselves though their own feedback loops, offering different mediated environments for future fantasy habitation.

Artists: Melanie Foster, Matt Gardiner, Daniel Green, Robin Petterd, Jasper Streit

Curated by Gail Priest

Manning Regional Gallery
Taree, March 17-April 16, 2006

Image: Oribotics, Yatzek


Snagglespussy presents


A series of event in Sydney featuring performances by sound & audiovisual artists plus screenings of experimental video works.

Produced and curated by Gail Priest

# 1 - Winter edition
Into the tumult sent an alien sound*
Thurs June 23, 2005

# 2 - Spring edition
The heart was almost mine with which I felt
Thurs Sept 1, 2005

# 3 - Summer edition
So that the blood will laugh in our veins
Tues December 13 2005

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d>Art.04 Sound
dLux Media Arts

Sound exhibition for headphones featuring works by Vicky Brown, Ben Byrne, Tim Catlin, Takumi Endo (Japan), Kazumichi Grime & Anthony Guerra, Camilla Hannan, Gintas Kraptavicius (Lithuania), Jesper Norda (Sweden), Phillip Pietruschka, Matt Warren

June 17-27, 2004
dLux media|arts
, Sydney Opera House Exhibition Hall

Curated by Gail Priest

AlternaTerraZones - Transmediale 04

Screening program curated by Gail Priest and Vicky Clare, drawn from the Electrofringe selection for Transmediale Fly Utopia festival. Gail also attended the festival to present the program.

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Gail Priest was a co-director of Electrofringe for the 2003/2004.

ef03 ef04

Electrofringe is a festival of digital, electronic and new media arts. It is dedicated to unearthing emergent forms, highlighting nascent trends and encouraging young and emerging artists to further explore technology and its creative possibilities.

In 2003/4  Electrofringe was an annual festival that took place in the regional city of Newcastle and was part of the This Is Not Art Festival.

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Hold on… and Sounds like
Performance Space

Sound exhibitions curated for the hold music of Performance Space

Curated by Gail Priest & Michaela Coventry


2003 - Featuring: d.haines, Hydatid, Snagglepussy, Tim Koch, toydeath, mik la vage, djbc


2002 - Featuring: Ai Yamamoto, Lawrence English, Boo Chapple, Rose Turtle-Ertler, Jasmin Guffond

Performance Space, 2002/2003

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