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Experimental Music: audio explorations in Australia

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I was the editor and contributed three chapters to this book covering exploratory music practices in Australia from the 1970s to the present

Published by UNSW Press 2009
Part of a series commissioned by the Australia Council for the Arts
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For an archived (no longer updated) associated site with chapter synopses go here



RealTime Magazine

Since 2001 Gail has written regularly for RealTime magazine, Australia's leading contemporary arts magazine, prodcuing over 150 articles covering sound & music, media art and hybrid performance. She has also produced over 40 video interviews and mini documentaries for the online version of the magazine. (Gail was Associate editor from 2003-2015 and Online Producer 2011-2015).

Sound & Music

Sonica’s good-looking sounds: Cryptic, Glasgow
RealTime 130 Dec-Jan 2016

Celebrating Room40: a world of textures, Room40, Open Frame review
RealTime 129 Oct-Nov 2015

The body as ear, Lawrence English, Open Frame
RealTime 127 June-July 2015

You can dance if you want to..., Unsound, Adelaide Festival
RealTime 126 April-May 2015

In Profile: Matt Warren, mumble(speak), III - real and imagined scenarios
RealTime online, Sept 17, 2014

Together, listening to landscape, Wired Open Day 2014, The Wired Lab
RealTime 121, June-July 2014

In Profile: Lawrence English, Wilderness of Mirrors
RealTime online, July 30, 2014

The signals have been waiting for us, Douglas Kahn’s Earth Sound Earth Signal
RealTime 120, April-May 2014

Hectic, eclectic, enthralling, MONA FOMA 2014, Hobart
RealTime 119, February-March 2014

Eastern Riverina sites & sounds, Sarah Last, Wired Lab
RealTIme 117, October-November 2013

Ruptures & raptures, Cycle ~440, Tangents
Online e-dition 4 Sept, 2013

Dance Massive 2013: Sounds to dance to, with, against
RealTime April/May 2013

Laurie Anderson: Do dogs aspire to Nirvana?
RealTime April/May 2013

John Cage Centenary, Bang on a Can All-stars: legacies and liberties
RealTime 113, February/March 2013

Laurie Anderson: We are meaning machines
RealTime 112, Dec 2012-Jan 2013

Aurora Festival 2012
The comfort of noise: Merzbow & Oren Ambarchi
Alternate hearings: Clocks & Clouds, Greg Schiemer
RealTime 109 online

Totally Huge New Music 2011 online feature
Philip Samartzis, Desert
Noizemachin!!, Artifactory
Breaking Out, Young Composers Concert

Part 3: Sydney scenes & sounds - ¼_inch, PSH.live
RT105 October/November 2011

Part 2: Sydney scenes & sounds - The NOW now; Sound Series
RT104 August/September 2011

Part 1: Sydney scenes & sounds - The Silent Hour, Ladyz in Noyz, High Reflections
RealTime 103 June/July 2011

Liquid Architecture 2011
RT104 August/September 2011

Ben Frost, Music for Solaris
RealTime 103 June/July 2011

Book review: VOICE: vocal aesthetics in digital arts and media
RealTime 103 June/July 2011

Sounds massive: the soundtracks of Dance Massive
RealTime 102 April/May 2011

Pure pursuits: SoundOut 2011, Canberra
RealTime 102 April/May 2011

Sounding the festival factory: Ars Electronica 2010, Linz
RealTime 100 December 2010/January 2011

Expanding the aural palate: interview, Brian Ritchie, MONOA FOMA curator
RealTime 100 December 2010/January 2011

NOW now festival: vigorous exercise and a well-balanced diet
RealTime 96 April/May 2010

Difficult Music Festival: A feast of summer sounds
RealTime 95 February/March 2010

SIMS: riding the impro wave
RealTime 94 December 2009/January 2010

What is Music? Sydney: the shame of growing old gracefully
RealTime 94 online exclusive

Solo perspectives: new meets new
RealTime 93 October/November 2010

That was 屎!: Lucas Abela's Rice屎Corpse
RealTime 92 August/September 2009

Sounds continuous: interview with Nat Bats, Liquid Architecture
RealTime 91 June/July 2009

The improvising animal: the NOW now festival
RealTime 89 February/March 2009

A branching practice: interiew with Haco
RealTime 88 December/January 2008

Infiltrations & accumulations: Melbourne Festival sounds
RealTime 88 December/January 2008

Time slips in an other place: Yokohama Triiennale
RealTime 88 December/January 2008

Sounds solid, sounds fluid: Liquid Architecture
RealTime 87 October/November 2008

Listening to the turning world: Sydney Biennale 2008
RealTime 86 August/September 2008

Elemental vibrations: What is Music? Sydney
RealTime 85 June/July 2008

Car, crash, contemporary: the Aurora festival
RealTime 85 June/July 2008

Showman or shaman: Kimmo Pohjonen
RealTime 83 February/March 2008

Sonic extremities: Liquid Architecture 8
RealTime 81 October/November 2007

Pelt: Fast, furious, fleeting...
RealTime 75 October/November 2006

DualPlover: A decade of DIY
RealTime 74 August/September 2006

Oscillations: the sound artist as educator
RealTime 74 August/September 2006

Mistral: Acoustic essences
RealTime 73 June/July 2006

Alva.Noto & Joyce Hinterding: Edison’s children
RealTime 72 April/May 2006

Totally Huge: Knots and flames
RealTime 70 December2005/January 2006

Liquid Architecture 6: celebrating sound
RealTime 68 August/September 2005

Garth Paine: Composing Potentials
RealTime 67 June/July 2005

Selling new sounds
RealTime 67 June/July 2005

the NOW now - present and accounted for
RealTime 65 Feb/March 2005

Circuitous journeys
RealTime 62 August/September 2004

3D and other worlds
RealTime 61 June/July 2004

Media Arts & Visual Arts

A meeting of cultures through public art, Nomanslanding
RealTime issue 127 June-July 2015

Triangulating the horizon, MAAP, Land Sea Sky
RealTime 123, October-November 2014

The melancholy poetry of machines, Ian Burns, UTS Gallery
RealTime 121, June-July 2014

Bull leaping and other fearless fun, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, The List
RealTime online, July 30 2014

Forces resisted & revealed, Trace Recordings, UTS Gallery; Joyce Hinterding, Breenspace
RealTime 119, February-March 2014

Regional Profile: The Ronalds
RealTime 118, Dec 2013-Jan 2014

In Profile: Michaela Davies
In Profile: Pia van Gelder
RealTime online, Sept 18, 2013

Surfing the screen scene, Eugnenia Lim, co-director Channels Video Festival
RealTime online, Sept 18, 2013

Arts Education Utopias & Horror: Media Art - Transdisciplinary projections
RealTime 116 August/September 2013

Organic, machinic, artistic, touristic, Sculpture at Scenic World
RealTime 115, June/July 2013

Remembering future lives: Ms&Mr, Xerox Missive 1977/2011, AGNSW
RealTime 107 February/March 2012

Alex Davies, The Black Box Sessions, UTS Gallery
RealTime E-dition July 12

Wormholes into new dimensions: interview, Bec Dean & Lizzie Muller, Awfully Wonderful
RealTime 102 April/May 2011

Looking for art in all the wrong places: Are you looking at me, Laneway Exhibition, Sydney
RealTime 101 February/March 2011

Memorial for a memorial: Richard Baron’s documentary, Lanfranchi’s Memorial Discotheque
RealTime 100 December 2010/January 2011

Individual aspirations, collective expectations: Arena—a Post Boom Beijing
RealTime 100 December 2010/January 2011

China sightings: Mu:Screen, UTS Gallery
RealTime 98 June/July 2010

The shapes of water: Memory Flows, Newington Armory
RealTime 97 online exclusive July 12

Performance, politics, vision: video art in the 17th Biennale of Sydney
RealTime 97 June/July 2010

Spooky Action at a Distance: Japanese dreaming
RealTime 95 February/March 2010

Expanding the cultural zone: Don't Look Gallery
RealTime 89 April/May 2009

Dark Sightings: Jessica Tyrrells :the braille box:
RealTime 82 December 07/January 2008

Fine with a chance of cloud: Talking about the Weather
RealTime 80 August/September 2007 online

Liquid City: Daniel Crooks
RealTime 77 Feburary/March 2007

EPIC program: Nurturing media art in the regions
RealTime 73 June/July 2006

ACMI's World Without End
RealTime 68 August/September 2005

MAAP04: When words flail you
RealTime 64 (MAAP04 Coverage) Dec 2004/Jan 2005

MAAP04: An eye for sound
RealTime 64 (MAAP04 Coverage) Dec 2004/Jan 2005

MAAP04: Computer juice
RealTime 64 (MAAP04 Coverage) Dec 2004/Jan 2005

MAAP04: Conceptual leaps
RealTime 64 (MAAP04 Coverage) Dec 2004/Jan 2005

MAAP04: The weight of public spaces
RealTime 64 (MAAP04 Coverage) Dec 2004/Jan 2005

Transmediale 04 - the art of hope
RealTime 60 April/May 2004

Technology will eat itself
RealTime 59 Feb/March 2004

Performance & Hybrid Arts

We all can dream, Dalisa Pigram & Edwin Lee Mulligan, Cut the Sky, Marrugeku
RealTime 125, February-March 2015

In Profile: Natalie Abbott, Maximum
RealTime online, July 30, 2014

It’s all about you,FOLA, Arts House
RealTime 120, April-May 2014

Nasty noses. Suzie Dee, The Long Pigs
RealTime 120, April-May 2014

Realising regional ambitions, Scott Howie, RADO, Eastern Riverina Arts
RealTime 116, August/September 2013

Art for water, Vic McEwan, Cad Factory
RealTime 115, June/July 2013

Big dreams on a small island: Eliza Sarlos, artistic director, Underbelly Arts Festival
Online e-dition July 24, 2013

That festival feeling: Jo Duffy, Ten days on the island
RealTime Online, March 6, 2013

Thursday, serious serendipities, Brink Productions, Adelaide Festival
RealTime Online, Feb 6, 2013

Going very live online: Entity, Random Dance, Itunes Digital Release
ReaTime online, Sept 5, 2012

The creative suburb: interview, Rosie Dennis, Minto:Live
RealTime 100 December 2010/January 2011

Activating Spaces: Queen St/Fraser Studios
RealTime 91 June/July 2009

A game with the works: Wayfarer
RealTime 81 October/November 2007

Spat&Loogie: The young & the restless
RealTime 76 December 2006/January 2007

Catalogue Essays

The rational and the fantastical: the morphology of Nigel Helyer
Catalogue essay for Nigel Helyer's BioSonics exhibition, Western Plains Cultural Centre, August 2008

Memory slips, trips and trades
Catalogue essay for Nigel Helyer's Quint de Loup II, January 2007

What Survives: Sonic residues in breathing buildings
Performance Space Gallery, 2006

unNatural Selection
Manning Regional Art Gallery, 2006

Creative Writing

Epiphany in 3 parts, short speculative ficition, published in Sight Lines, UTS Anthology, XOUM, 2014

Visit insect bites - my blog for short form poetry & haiku