Heraclitus in Iceland

NOW AVAILABLE AS DIGITAL DOWNLOAD & LTD EDITION CD-R https://gailpriest.bandcamp.com/album/heraclitus-in-iceland

Heraclitus in Iceland is a series of compositions  and videos reflecting on continuity and temporality in relation to being a "visitor" in a place.

In my first few weeks in-residence I was struck by the endless flows of water and was often ruminating on the well-known adage: "you cannot step twice into the same river." Discovering that this orginated with the ancient Greek philospher Heraclitus (The Obscure, 535-475BC), I  then sought out some more interesting propositions by him that felt relevant to my time here — ideas about the continuum of existence, harmony & disonnance in the universe, and the role of our senses to make sense of the world.

These compositions, made from digitally manipulated field recordings and vocal and instrumental improvisations, aim to evoke internal and external atmospheres of my time here as a visitor.  In some ways postmodernity means every place feels strangely familar but, in other ways this small town of 800 people felt oblique and forever unknowable,  as if I were in fact Heraclitus, direct from 500 BC, mysteriously materialising in far Northern Iceland.

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